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East Coast Industry Forum 2018

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12.10.2018 | 08:30
- 14:00
UPWARD Hartford 20 Church Street Hartford, CT 06103

Join us for the East Coast Industry Forum 2018. This year's forum focuses on Advanced Manufacturing and Workshop Development.

This event is a great opportunity for representatives of business, government, and education in Connecticut to gather together and discuss new manufacturing development strategies.


Advanced Manufacturing

Moderated by Dr. Karen Wosczyna-Birch, Executive Director, CT College of Technology

As products have become more sophisticated, so have production processes. Factories have become centers for advanced technologies, digital solutions and high-tech informatics. As a result, manufacturers face the need for a new generation of specialized technicians with the skills and savvy to work effectively in today's "smart" factories With products becoming more sophisticated, production processes have as well. Factories are evolving into centers for cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art machinery, and innovative solutions.

Workforce Development

Moderated by Dr. Lyle Wray, Executive Director, Capitol Region Council of Government

Employees will benefit from innovative training techniques to better prepare them for the demands of advance manufacturing. The forum will review current practices, including the German Dual System of vocational training as a viable framework which could be adapted to U.S. manufacturing. The Dual System will be assessed on how it can complement existing training programs and become a value-added tool to improve skills development, product quality, and a stronger economy in Connecticut

Fees/Admission: Members: $75
Non-Members: $95

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