Student Benefits

A traditional college degree is not the only path to a great career in technology!

Through the GACC Pittsburgh Dual Apprenticeship Program, you will

  • obtain relevant theoretical and practical real-world training
  • be guaranteed employment in your field after training
  • have more hands-on experience than your competition upon graduation
  • have minimal to no student debt

Employer Benefits

Is your business suffering from the skills gap?

Are you struggling to find loyal workforce that keeps your business competitive?

Would you like to get young people to pursue a career in manufacturing?

By utilizing GACC Pittsburgh's Dual Apprenticeship Program, your company

  • is guaranteed specialists with company-specific skills
  • receives a tailored training program for their workforce needs
  • has new capabilities of a high-quality workforce
  • benefits from a new corporate image
  • is recognized internationally as a standard of expertise
  • saves on recruiting costs
  • has greater employee retention

What are dual apprenticeship programs?

Dual Apprenticeship Programs are an innovative and industry-led approach to education. Benchmarked on the German Dual Education System, they are the gold standard of a practical educational model developed in conjunction with technology leaders. They generally combine practice, theory and work to train a globally competitive workforce. Companies get a tailored training program, greater employee loyalty and access to a high-quality candidate pool. The programs are designed for companies to have a workforce tailored to their needs -- meanwhile, the apprentice will have a leg up on their competition, since they receive hands-on experience while simultaneously learning theory.