Workforce Development

As part of our mission to drive economic development in the region and the ever-growing debate about a skill gap in Pittsburgh and beyond, we initiated our workforce programs to help "close the gap".

The manufacturing industry in particular is currently facing challenges such as:

  • the loss of skilled workers due to retirements (baby boomer generation)
  • structural problems in the education system (student debt, low attractiveness of careers in manufacturing)
  • a high degree of flexibility in the US labor market. This contributes to the fact that the duration of employment of trained specialists in companies is much shorter compared to Germany: employees in the USA are much quicker prepared to change jobs.

Our Pre-Apprenticeship programs is geared towards seniors in High School and engages them with a paid internship and additional technical classroom education as a dual enrollment class. It ideally leads into in one of our four Apprenticeship programs after graduation. 

The Apprenticeship program gives high school graduates, but also employees already working in a company, the opportunity to benefit from the German-based dual vocational training concept, which merges classroom training at a local community with hands-on work experiences at a company.

Our Corporate Apprenticeship Sponsors