GACC Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Learn more about the GACC Pre-Apprenticeship Program that gives High School students the opportunity to get hands-on experience at a company (paid internship, $10/h), while getting class room training and practice labs to receive the MT1 (Manufacturing Techician Level 1) certificate from the MS Institute that is recognized by the industry. After graduation the students can accelerate into one of our four Apprenticeship Programs.

What are Pre-Apprenticeship Programs?


Pre-Apprenticeship services and programs are designed to prepare students to enter and succeed in registered Apprenticeship programs. In other words: they are paid, college-credited internships that give High School students in their senior year the opportunity to explore and learn about exciting career paths.

Pre-Apprenticeships are twofold

1) Dual Enrollment / College in the Classroom and Certification

Through dual enrollment agreements, students will be trained skills that are relevant for the manufacturing industry as well as prepare them to pass the MT1 certification (Manufacturing Technician Level 1 from the MSI Institute).

The certification is on the one hand recognized in the industry nationwide and on the other hand bound with 6 college credits from CCAC that can later on be transferred (e.g. into the Apprenticeship Program).

2) Paid Internship at company

When senior students decide to participate in our Pre-Apprenticeship program they get paired with a company, where they will be job shadowing at state-of-the-art facilities and get familiar with careers in technical or manufacturing fields.

The paid internship ($10/h) will be integrated into the student's school schedule and will allow the students to get a more relevant and hands-on preparation to pass the MT1 certification.

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